How to load

Loosen the front strap

Small articles can just slide right into the top of the Framepack, but for larger items, you may need to loosen the front strap for a little extra room.

Loosening the front buckle on a framepack bike bag

Load your stuff

Drop all of your things into the open-top of the Framepack.

Woman placing beer in a framepack bike bag

Tighten the front strap

Give the front strap a tug to tighten everything up. You might have to hold the other side of the strap to prevent the Framepack from rotating.

Tightening the front strap of a framepack bike bag

All set!

Double check that all buckles are secure and the straps are tucked in, then you are good to ride.

woman with loaded framepack bike bag installed on a 50cm bicycle
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