Bike builders today constantly tweak frame geometry to create the best possible bikes. While this is great for us as riders, it makes it difficult to create a Framepack that will fit every make and model. We solve this problem by offering two different varieties of Framepacks. The first is a Standard version that is designed to fit most bikes with a horizontal top tube. The second is a Custom version that is built from scratch to match compact frames exactly. Don’t know what any of this means? Don’t worry! Just check out the guide below to choose your frame type, and whether you need a Standard or a Custom Framepack. 

Step 1: Choose your frame style


If your top tube is horizontal, life is easy! A Standard Framepack will work well for most traditional frame bikes. Follow the link below to help pick your size.

Traditional seat tube measurement


If your top tube has a slight slope, you MIGHT be able to use a Standard Framepack. Pick your size at the link and order one. If it doesn’t fit your bike properly, just send it back and we’ll either give you a full refund or a credit towards a Custom Framepack.

Semi-compact seat tube measurement


For compact frames with an angled top tube, there is so much variation between models that you will need a Custom Framepack. In three weeks or less, we will sew a Framepack specifically built for your frame. We just need you to send us a few measurements as shown at the link below.

Compact seat tube measurement


At this time, we do not offer framepacks that fit full suspension, step through, or other non-diamond frame shapes. However, if you are still interested, sign up below and we’ll get in touch if we release a version that will fit your frame.

Step-thru frame bike
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